Pentecost – Holy Spirit

June 4, 2017

Bible Text: Acts 4:23-31; Hebrews 12:18-20 |


Key text:
• Essence and foundation of church: a praying community
• Focus of prayer: not self, not safety but strength and mission
• Prayer brought H.S. ‘down’ - shaking the place and stirring the hearts.
• What we haven’t come to: things that cannot be touched.
• ‘Coming to’ - describes a spiritual approach to God and to life itself.
• A whole new way, a new door.
• A new way of facing life itself, a new fresh way to look at God Himself.
• We have come to:
a. An unshakeable FUTURE
b. A JOYFUL assembly: a celebration, a festival (good word for any church gathering)
c. An unshakeable IDENTITY
• Those things or people that seem unchangeable, irremovable in reality are very shaky. When H.S. is at work, they will change.
• We can depend on Father’s solid love and His continuous presence (Sovereignty) without fear for people or circumstances.
• Be filled with the Holy Spirit

Key Discussion Questions
1) Have you experienced or seen some remarkable changes in lives of others and/or your personal life, as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit?
2) Can you think back of moments that the Holy Spirit helped you by replacing shaky fears into stirring faith?
3) How has the baptism in the Spirit helped you to receive strength for the mission? (Acts 4)

Sermon Topics: