Marriage and Divorce

May 28, 2017

Bible Text: Mark 10:1-12 |


Key Texts: Ex 21:10-11, Deut 24:1-5, Gen 2:24, Ezek 36:26; Hosea 2:14-23, Isaiah 50:1ff, Jer 3:8, Mal 2:14-16, Mark 10:1-12, Matt 19:3-10, 1 Cor 7:12-16; Luke 7, John 4, John 8, Eph 5:21-33

• 10 principles on marriage and divorce in scripture
1. Do not judge
2. God understands the pain of divorce
3. God hates divorce but not the divorced
4. Marriage matters
5. Marriage is not the only thing that matters
6. Divorce is permitted and protective but never promoted
7. The answer to divorce is not “bad marriage” it is “restored marriage”
8. Marriage points to a bigger picture – God and his people, Christ and the church
9. Biblical marriage is built on mutual submission not felt needs
10. Great marriages are built in community not isolation

• It is helpful to also look at how Jesus relates with people who have experienced divorce and adultery
o John 4:1-26, John 8:1-11, Luke 7:36-50

Discussion Question
• How might we support marriage more effectively as individuals and as a church community?
• If you are married how are your relationship investment levels?

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