Vision and Values

Without vision the people will perish

We believe God has called us to be part of a great adventure with him. He is a missional God, loves bringing people into his family, lavishing his grace upon them and releasing them to be part of his solution for the nations – the extension of His Kingdom.

We know from scripture that there will come a time when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil 2:10) and we know that in the new heaven and the new earth there will be a great multitude worshipping around the throne of God from every tribe and tongue and nation (Rev 7:9). In essence we believe that God is committed to growth, growth in the number of people in relationship with him and growth in the maturity and Kingdom impact of those individuals and the communities they form.

Our vision therefore, is a vision for growth.

We long to see more people, more like Jesus in our neighbourhood, our nation and the nations.

Our Partners

Our goal as Churches Together East Grinstead is to serve God as individual churches within our own church traditions whilst maintaining the unity of the spirit in our relationships one with another. We seek to serve the town in practical ways in the provision of EG Foodbank, CAP Debt Advice, Arise Counselling, Street Pastors and The Hub. Each year we gather together on Good Friday, when we worship together in the town centre.
We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance the largest body representing the UK's 2 million evangelical christians and helping them be heard by, the government, media and society.
We belong to the New Ground sphere of churches led by Dave Holden. We believe that God has caught us up in His great mission to see many churches planted across the world, and communities transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. We are part of Newfrontiers, which is a group of 1,000 churches in more than 70 nations in every continent.