Rich Young Ruler

June 11, 2017

Bible Text: Mark 10:17-31 |


Key text: Mark 10:17-31, Matt 19:24, Luke 18:25
Isaiah 44:12-22; Matt 6:25-34

Key Points
• A sermon of three parts
• Part 1 – work systematically through the passage
o This is how I might study Scripture for myself
• Part 2 – Mission and the role of Alpha over the next three years
• Part 3 – Serving Fayre – supporting our Sundays

Discussion Questions
• Think again about how you were saved, what part did you play and what part did God play?
• Prayerfully consider the joy of your salvation and spend time rejoicing in God that what was impossible for us in our strength was made possible by the love of God in Christ.
• Which things in your life might become idols?
• How might we help one another avoid the danger of idolatory?

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