Mark 7:24-30

July 10, 2016

Bible Text: Mark 7:24-30 |


Key Scriptures: Mark 7:24-30, Matt 15:21-28, Gen 12:1-5, Gen 15:1-7, Acts 10:1–48, Eph 2:11-22

“More people, more like Jesus, in our neighbourhood, our nation and the nations.”

Key Points:

1)     Ends of the earth (God's heart for nations)

2)     Faith (Hungry for Jesus)

Application Questions:

  1. How do we “Go and make disciples of all nations”?

When was last time you had dinner with someone from another nation?

Are you open for God to call you church planting?

  1. When was last time you did something REALLY out of your comfort zone?

What faith adventure is God calling you to? What does attempting the impossible look like for you?

  1. How can we grow our appetite for the crumbs of heaven? Spend time feeding on the bread of life.

Sermon Topics: