July 17, 2016

Bible Text: Mark7:31-37 |


Bring the miracle power of Jesus to bear in your life and community.
Mark 7: 31-37, Romans 4:18-21, Isaiah 35: 5-6

Do not underestimate what you can do when you have been sent and the presence of God is with you.
Tell your story.
Grow in compassion.
Jesus identified with this man’s.
Be fully persuaded - to receive and to give.
Take Authority - Command - Be Bold

For Contemplation, discussion and prayer :
• Are you fully persuaded that God will do what he has promised to do?
• Do you need a touch from Jesus? What's keeping you from receiving it?
• Pray for impartation and increased manifestation of spiritual gifts in our lives.
• Pray for miracles that will transform our community and town.

Sermon Topics: