July 3, 2016

Bible Text: Mark7:1-13 |


Key Text :- Mark 7:1-23, Isaiah 29:13, Exodus 20:12, 21:17,  Acts 10, Ephesians 2:1-10; Gal 3:1-6

Key Points

  • Pharisees miss the miracles because they are looking for faults
  • The dangers of tradition
  • We are not defiled from the outside in!
  • What is the root of religion and self-righteousness?
  • It is all about grace!


Discussion Questions

  • How do we help one another to stay discerning without getting cynical and fault finding?
  • Which personal and church traditions might become our security and so replace grace?
  • What is the difference between spiritual disciplines eg. prayer, worship, scripture and legalism?

Sermon Topics: