There are words that change lives – “will you marry me?”

There are words that change nations – “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself”

There are words that change history – “One small step for man….”

There are very few words that change eternity!

The words spoken by the angels to Mary on that first Easter Sunday morning were and are words that change eternity “He is not here, He has risen!” Luke 24:6

Suddenly everything shifted in time and space. Disappointment was launched into hope, fear became awe, and tears of sorrow were transformed into tears of joy. In six words all of Jesus words gained new power, fresh meaning and eternal authority. The whole of history turns on these words as the resurrection of Jesus is the final and ultimate proof that God stepped into time and space to transform all who believe into children of God and ambassadors for the Kingdom.

On Easter Sunday this year we will come together to celebrate the essential truth of the Resurrection. We will see and hear people get baptised as a witness to the transforming love of God in their lives. We will be welcoming our great friend and internationally acclaimed author Adrian Holloway as he unpacks the resurrection for us, we will worship God in spirit and in truth as we welcome the manifest presence of God amongst us.

It will be a great morning to share together as a church family. However, there are six more words that might transform this Easter for our friends:

“Would you like to join us?”

Who might I invite this year? Who is there whom we would love to hear the words of the angels for the first time this year? Who would we love to know the love of God?

On that first Easter Sunday, once they had believed the angels word’s for themselves, the first this the women did was go and tell the others. Who shall we go and tell this year?

Why not use the #heisrisen and share our social media posts to invite friends!

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