Last year over our six summer Sundays at Jubilee we worked our way through the book of Colossians. To accompany the fantastic preaches on a Sunday we produced our own set of Bible notes. Day by day through the end of July and throughout August members of Jubilee led us through Paul’s letter and helped us apply the teaching to our lives. It meant that we could connect with the teaching whether we were in East Grinstead or away sunning ourselveso n a beach or walking through foreign fields.

As a leadership team we had loads of positive feedback and so we have decided to go for it again this year. Through 2015 we are preaching through the Old Testament story of God’s people, so over the summer we are going to spend some time in the New Testament. We will be preaching though Paul’s letter to the Galatians with its emphasis on God’s grace and how that grace enables daily grace filled lives. We will once again be giving members of Jubilee opportunity to contribute. If you would like to contribute this year, and have time to prepare a few days notes on a handful of verses from Galatians please contact Simon on by second week March.