It has been another great week of prayer, not least because the whole Church came together to pray but, each day, there were committed and dedicated men and women of God who seized the weeklong opportunity to press into God, commune and fellowship with one another, and together, call upon the name of the LORD. It was great to have others join over zoom. Well done everyone!

Each day in his presence was unique with hunger and thirst for more of Jehovah Yahweh in our lives and our midst and we are certainly crying out for more of him as nothing else would satisfy. We interceded for open heavens that we might see more visions of God, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Fire and walk in the supernatural through the abundant Grace of God.

I pray that we would continue to love the LORD our God, with all our hearts and soul and mind, and that the cords of love and unity are strengthened amongst us and through out the body of Christ in East Grinstead.
Let us continue to re-dig the wells of Revival and God will do it again. Permit your heart to be stirred because this is what father God is doing in the nations, and we will not let him pass us by. No stone shall take my place!

Alongside seeking the presence of God, another consistent theme I noticed through the week of prayer was the requirement for our response to God. There were prophetic words particularly during the Churches together meeting, such as ‘The bus is ready to leave, what are you waiting for” “How long would you take to begin to do the things I have called you to do?”

When we draw near to God, he draws near to us and the heavens open over us and it is important to continue to listen in to take further steps as he instructs us.
Jesus called his disciples that they might BE with him and that he might SEND them out to preach…

Remember this:
Open Heavens + Closed Earth + Closed Church + Closed Hearts = Nil
Luke3: 21-22, Mark 3:14-15, James 4:8, Habakkuk 2:14