‘The Hiding Place’ brings to life the inspirational and heart wrenching testimony of Corrie ten Boom. Corrie, born on April 15, 1892 in Haarlem, Holland. Corrie and her Christian family are outraged at the German occupation in the Second World War, and the constant persecution of the Jewish community. Her sister, Betsie, and father, Casper, join Corrie and thousands of others in the unceasing resistance of God’s underground. With the help of an Underground regime, her family’s faith and a man named Fred, Corrie was able to create a safe place for Jews to hide in her family’s home. It goes on to tell the story of what happened when the ten Booms were betrayed, arrested and sent to a concentration camp.
Their refusal to stand by and watch the Nazi’s horrendous onslaught, and their faith that prevails throughout their subsequent suffering of the Second World War’s darkest terrors, continues to inspire all of those who encounter Corrie’s incredible story.
Oddments are one of the few full-time Christian Theatre Companies in the UK. Based in Yeovil, Somerset, they are a registered charity reaching out to churches, schools, and prisons. The Hiding Place is currently brought to you by a production team of 5 performers whom, alongside an exciting, rotating stage set, music, and lively stage action, will make you laugh before they make you cry. Rated 5 stars by audience members, you will not be disappointed by this passionate story of God’s love and hope in amidst an environment of darkness and brutality.
Described by the audience as -“a powerful performance showing how God’s love can overcome hatred and evil” and -“an inspiration to us all”, we can guarantee it is a show not to miss. Corrie and her family’s incredible story is timeless, and Oddments truly capture the Christian message in a new and encouraging way.The play is rated a five star show consistently by our audiences.
What the audience say:
“Outstanding performance, I highly recommend it. If you’re near a performance… it’s a must see. Brilliantly done.”
“It was brilliant. I went not knowing what to expect, but I was confronted with a very moving and emotional play.”
“It was excellent. A very moving portrayal of the story. Well done.”
Tickets are £12 (+43p booking fee) in advance and are available at http://oddments-theatre.co.uk/book-your-tickets-here/ or follow the link on Trinity’s website (www.trinitymethodist.org.uk). On the door price (if there are any left) will be £13.
The show will perform at Trinity on Saturday, 19th & Sunday, 20th February
Further information on the show and a 2-minute trailer can be found at:http://oddments-theatre.co.uk/the-hiding-place/
Alison Bentley
On behalf of Trinity Methodist Church