Arise Counselling Service was launched in January 2019 as part of the response to the Field Hospital prophesy in 2016. In three years we have grown to a team of 18 counsellors, and seen over 260 clients for over 4000 client sessions. For this year we look set to offer around 2000 sessions working both in-person and online.

Arise’s vision is to offer affordable counselling to all who live in East Grinstead and the surrounding area. Around 40% of people having counselling with us are subsidised through grants and other donations. Almost 30% of our referrals come directly through local churches and 20% through other mental health services. The rest are people self-referring or coming through recommendations or other organisations.

Our heart remains to do God’s will in providing a place of compassion and emotional, mental or relational restoration for each person or couple we work with whatever their circumstances. Here is an extract of a testimony from one of our clients, shared with permission:

“When I first came to you, I was recovering from a suicide attempt as a result of my marriage ending, and also the rubbish I was getting from my place of work. I was a mess and the future seemed very bleak. I felt pretty much hopeless… Over the last 15 months, I have returned to work, transitioned to a different role within the company, I have also met a really special lady. We are looking to get married, later this year… I was despairing. Now I am hopeful and life is worth living again.” Praise God!


Lizzie Venter