What does the word Oasis make you think about? Depending on your age and experience you might think of a well-known high-street fashion outlet, a rock band from Manchester, a Christian charity or the literal meaning, an isolated fertile spot in the desert.

At Jubilee Community Church, Oasis is the name of our mid-week women’s group, a group for those who want to meet together to worship, pray and be transformed by an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Meeting every Thursday morning 10-11.30 during term-time, Oasis is for women of any age, any background who are free to come along for friendship, fellowship and fun. Every week is guaranteed to be different, from reflecting on the Sunday sermon, to intimate worship times and prophecy, socials (often with food!) and listening to inspiring talks that will challenge you in your daily walk with Jesus.

Daily life can be exciting, tiring, stressful, fun, challenging and sometimes all of these at once. It is so much better when we walk together sharing the ups and downs, the highs and lows and helping each other on our journey with Jesus. All of us need an oasis in life, a place of safety and sustenance, escape and restoration. Oasis seeks to be just that, a safe place to grow, taking time out of the busyness of life to focus on the reason for our lives.

As a mum it can be especially challenging to find time to focus on your faith without demands from little ones. That’s why Oasis provides a crèche each week, where your children can play in a safe, relaxed environment with the consistent care of Heather Walker.

So if you find yourself free on a Thursday morning, come to Oasis and be refreshed, revived and encouraged!

We meet in the cafe area, downstairs at Jubilee Community Centre.

Kate Bryant