Blaze Fun Day – David and the Circus Giant

Jubilee Community Centre was transformed into a circus on the 20th February, attracting 71 children, 25 from Jubilee Community Church and 46 others Arriving to a colourful foyer with balloons, dressed up helpers and a jungle style staircase, the children’s expectations of the day had been raised.

After the parents collected their circus passes in exchange for their child, they were put into six circus-based teams including the clowns, acrobats and jugglers. They then gathered in the hall, and flamboyant James from ‘Circus Sensible’ was able to snatch all of the children’s attentions and use them in his performances and demonstrations. The children then stayed in the hall for a skills workshop, learning how to juggle and balance objects on various parts of their bodies. Moving upstairs for a selection of David and Goliath and circus crafts the children were all able to display their artistic talents.  Each child had a hand painted rock with Philippians 4v13 on, a iced clown biscuit and a rainbow door hanger to take home with them.

It was then time to have their picnic lunches in the café area sitting with their teams and leaders to recharge their batteries.

After half an hour the children were back upstairs playing messy and crazy games the sound of cheering and laughter could be heard all around the building. We then had a short time of singing worship and actions to the song great big God. The final part of the David and Goliath film was watched and the children were challenged to think what the giants were in their lives.

The day finished with a prize giving handing out winning medals and prizes to the top team although all teams did exceptionally well. The parents arrived with their circus passes to be exchanged for their child. All had a great day, which has been confirmed by several parents writing in to thank all the team.

We are now back to the drawing board to decide what theme will be the next Fun Day in October!

Katie Scother, Impact Trainee

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