Regrets and Excuses

For some reason I don’t like regrets and excuses in my life. This is not to say I don’t ever regret/give excuses but I desire no compatibility with these two and we are certainly not friends.

Early in my walk with God I realised that it was important and beneficial to be sincere, open and detail in my conversation with him in prayer. I discovered that each time I went all the way in prayer I had a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that was extremely rare to get from anywhere else, if at all possible.

Over time I’ve come to understand that God wants everything that I do to stem from Him and His presence.   Prayer becomes an endless conversation, His presence a must for life and His person the most important audience.

How would I live my life if I had a one man audience in the person of God?

During the 40 days of devotion, I have chosen to do what I’ve always desired to do but never made adequate time for, and this is to complete my piano lessons that I started a few decades ago! Yes I mean decades!   I can only imagine what it will be like, feel like when I am in His presence making music and worshipping Him.

Well, I approached a friend and shared my goal for the period of devotion and this friend is giving me free piano lessons for the entire period and its happening!

Well, Bye Bye Mr Regret and Hello Mr Freedom, come on lets go!

Could there be things in your own life that you need to part ways with for good and others that you need to embrace for better?

Grace Orkar