Do you struggle to read the Bible every day? Do you struggle to take in, understand and let what you’re reading change your life? Me too! Some people find studying the Bible easy and they do it every day without fail. But I’ve always found it hard. I long to know the Bible inside and out and live by it daily, but I’ve never really known where to start.

When the 40 days of devotion started I didn’t know what I was going to do. So I turned to a small group of women, who started a Whats App group, for help. I simply said, “Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to study the Bible?” From that simple, honest question, and the realisation I’m not the only one who struggles, we decided to pick a book in the Bible and go through it together, chapter by chapter. This has been so rewarding because we all took something different from the passage and were able to share it with each other. Yes, we have missed a few days, but we’re onto our second book which is probably further than I would have been if I did this alone, and I understand it more.

So my encouragement to you is, if you answered yes to the above questions, then find a friend or two, be honest, and start studying the Bible together. It works, and it’s just the beginning of an exciting journey of getting to know God more.

Natalie Down