I’ll be honest straight from the bat: I am really bad at being intentional. Sorry Simon.

When the 40 Days of Devotion were approaching this year, I was getting a little bit nervous. Because I knew that whatever I would do, I could not do it for the full 40 days. But I decided not to give up on that basis. I was going to do it. So, I decided to read and meditate on the gospel of John. So, I did… For a couple of days…

The thing I foresaw happened. Big surprise. I’m sure that many Christians will recognize the feeling of guilt that follows when you don’t follow through on a promise made to God. I felt bad. But I didn’t give up. Just because I missed several days doesn’t mean my devotion means nothing. Sure, following through for the full 40 days would have been preferable, but I am certainly not disqualified. I am reading John’s gospel, and I know how it ends. My failures are left in the grave. So, I’m getting back up, and I will be intentional. Eventually.

(Editors note: Well done- you are doing great Erik!)