It has been said that the way to establish a tradition is to do things twice. As the second time we have committed ourselves to 40 Days of Devotion, maybe it is now a tradition at JCC… only time will tell?

The church has been engaging in a season of preparation leading up to Easter for centuries. Lent is not a new thing and at Jubilee, we decided last year, to place our 40 days within that season. Sometimes traditions can be dismissed, seen as old hat or devoid of real meaning and power. There is little power in mindless repetition or doing something because we have always done it. However, traditions can also be incredibly powerful. They can bind family together and prevent us missing the real reasons that we gather as a community.

Last year Gwen and I prayed more together than at any point in our marriage. However, we still want to grow in this area. We are in the midst of an exciting and yet challenging season. Moving away from our friends at Jubilee and stepping into new roles in a new city is not easy. We need to hear God for direction and identity more than ever before and we know that we will hear God more clearly if we listen more attentively. We are not just seeking instruction; we are also seeking fresh intimacy with our Heavenly Father. Our desire this year is not just that we grow in our devotion to God, but that we also have a fresh awareness of God’s devotion to us his children.

Simon Elliott
Lead Elder


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