13 December 

David Anointed: Judges 2:16-23, 1 Samuel 8:4-22; 16:1-13 


Throughout the book of Judges the expectation of the people of Israel is that they need a King to rule over them, only then will they be able to live ‘righteously’. But God knows that what they really need is to hear from Him; and so He raises up judges instead to speak to them on His behalf. The reaction of the Israelites is a little too close to home for me (!). Too often I can fall into the trap of thinking “once we move house” or “once this project is out the way” or “when the kids are sleeping a bit better” I’ll be able to spend more time with God / read my bible more often / speak to more people about Jesus (or all of the above!). 

The reality is that God wants to speak to us now, in the situations we are in – not at some unspecified time in the future when things have ‘quietened down’. I need to remember that God uses those of us who would not expect to be used, in situations where we might be too busy, or feel unprepared. 


I think this is the situation David finds himself in. Going about his business looking after the sheep, and then God reaches in. God doesn’t just ‘choose’ David and then let him get on with being the anointed King – 1 Samuel 16:v13 tells us that the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David – so he anointed and then equipped David to do His will. 


One of my favourite things about the Scriptures is that common thread of narrative that runs through from Genesis all the way to Revelation. I heard recently someone describe the books of the Bible as ‘sharing DNA’. So even in this brief story of David’s anointing, we see the narrative (the ‘Jesus DNA’) pointing us toward the Greater David, the ultimate Anointed King who will bring true freedom having already won the battle against sin and death (wahooo!). 



Father, thank you for reminding me of your love for us through your Word. Thank you, Jesus, for winning the ultimate victory; help me to know this more readily in my day-to-day, and to remember that you are with me, and for me. Amen! 


Ricky Gunter 

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