12 December 

Joshua: Joshua 3-4 

During half term in November, two of our sons came to stay with us. Sam brought his 2 children for us to look after while he was working from our home and Joe visited with his wife and 3 children and their poogle dog. 

It was a busy time but I managed to get out and walk the poogle on 2 mornings. On the second morning, as I was walking uphill towards home, a feint rainbow appeared over our house As I walked, this rainbow increased in intensity and formed into a double rainbow.  

I absolutely loved this; in my heart I was thrilled as it seemed to say to me that my family were loved by God, and even if they were not walking with him, He still loved them. 

Today’s reading demonstrates the love, care and attention God lavished on his chosen people, the Israelites. The crossing of the Jordan River with the Ark of the Covenant at the centre was extravagant and truly showed the relationship of the Israelites with the Almighty God: who can stop Him?  


Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your loving care, for your promises and miracles. Thank you that you do not change, your promises continue and your Covenant made with the Israelites continues throughout the bible. We look forward at Advent to celebrating the beginnings of your New Covenant – the most exciting adventure yet. Amen 

Jenny Harvey 

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