Here we are, almost 3 months into our Sabbatical, and first, we want to say thank you for your love and prayers over this time, and indeed this whole year. We are immensely grateful to God for friends and family at JCC! It has been over a year since Pete went to St. Barts Hospital for a planned heart operation. Following a month of complications and further operations, Pete returned home to begin a slow yet steady period of recovery. Though his heart took quite a battering in hospital, what has been truly miraculous has been the steady recovery he has made this year, with no setbacks!

During our Sabbatical, we are spending time focused on our ongoing healing through Arise Counselling, Abi mainly focussing on processing the last decade of challenging health issues with all of us. We have been able to get time away as a family and are enjoying exploring the Advent season together. When big things happen in our lives, it’s often a great moment to pause and reflect on what God has already said and how He is leading us for the coming season. As we move into the 2nd half of this Sabbatical, we are trusting for God’s continued healing and direction in our lives.

Pete is now getting used to a ‘new normal’ with his heart currently operating at 75-80%, which is worse than when he first went to hospital. He’s also on a number of medications to keep his heart in balance for the foreseeable future. We would value your ongoing prayers for God’s miraculous healing in his body, that his heart would function at 100% again!
We will be due to enter back into serving at JCC again in March, but we are aware that capacity probably won’t be where it has been in the past. However, we know that God still has plans and purposes to be outworked through our lives, even though it might not look like it used to.

We really are so thankful we are part of the JCC family, and we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus with you all soon!

Much love,
Pete & Abi x