The Next 5 Years Pt 3

October 13, 2019

Bible Text: Nehemiah |


Nehemiah Chapters 3-6 

We are in a new day as a church.

God is building his church and, just as in Nehemiah’s day, God is calling us to rebuild the walls of the city.

“The big picture.”

We will do this:

  1. By working together.

Each person playing his/her own part. Chap. 3.

It’s about people. The church is made up of people. It has nothing to

do with material things. It is a glorious eternal city that transcends

our  present perspective. See the big picture!


  1. By overcoming the opposition.

Being prepared.

Prevailing prayer.

We are emphasising the importance of prayer in this season.

  1. Through God’s miraculous intervention.

Chap 6:16 “They realised that this work had been done with the help         of our God.”

Reliance on God is the only way to success.


Let us ask God to stir our hearts afresh and devote ourselves to Him      and the building of his church.

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