The Nations in God’s Big Picture

November 8, 2015

Bible Text: Genesis 10, 11, 12 |


Key Texts: Gen 10, 11 and 12; Deut 10:12-22; John 3:16; Matt 28:16-20; Eph 2:11-22; Phil 2:1-11; Rev 7:1-10


Eight Principles on the Nations:

  1. Instability in the nations will be a sign of the return of Christ
  2. God is Sovereign of the Nations
  3. Israel is significant in the nations
  4. Jesus died for all the nations
  5. We are called to take the Gospel of Jesus to all the nations
  6. We are commanded to love the nations in our midst
  7. Jesus will have an inheritance in the Nations
  8. In Christ all national boundaries are broken down


Discussion Questions:

  • Where is my heart at? Am I harbouring any latent or not so latent racism?
  • Where do I encounter the nations in my midst?
  • How might I love and serve those nations?
  • Has God laid a specific nation on my heart?

o   Pray for that nation

o   Learn about that nation

o   Visit that nation

o   Learn the language of that nation

o   Connect with that nation in this nation

o   Maybe God will call you to move to that nation?

Sermon Topics: