God’s Big Picture – Rehoboam

June 7, 2015

Bible Text: 1 Kings 11:15 |


God’s Big Picture – Rehoboam: Disobedience, Division and Diversion

Key verses: 1 Kings 11 v15; 1 Sam 3v9; Dan 5 v12; Acts 9 v3-19; Psalm 199 v105; Rom 8 v28; John 5 v19; Prov 3 v5-6

Point of History:

Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, did not listen to God, but was led by his peers, causing division and diversion amongst the people of God.


Five Key principles:

  • God has purposes for mankind and purposes for men
  • God is bigger than our mistakes; His purposes are not thwarted by them
  • Trust in God & rest in God (do not worry!)
  • Be obedient in what you know God has already said
  • Cultivating our relationship with God is at the centre of hearing his voice


Five Applications:

  • Make sure that you are listening to the right people
  • Remind yourself of scriptures about God’s leading and guidance
  • Thank God for specific times when he has guided you
  • Commit any specific areas where you need direction to God
  • Find time each day to tune into the voice of God

Sermon Topics: