God’s Big Picture – Malachi

November 22, 2015

Bible Text: Malachi |


Malachi – God’s Big Picture


Key Scriptures: Malachi, Matt 11:10–11, Rom 3:22-25


Application Questions:

  1. Sinful Priests – God wants leaders who are faithful and sincere. Spend time praying for JCC leadership team. How you could grow as an influencer of others/leader?
  2. Sinful People – God deserves our very best honour, respect and faithfulness. Are you honouring God and being faithful with your money, family, and marriage?
  3. Faithful – How have you know God’s covenant love? Do you find it easy being faithful?
  4. The day of the Lord – Read 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11. With this in mind, how should we live our lives?
  5. Pointing to Jesus – How can we be like john the Baptist and ‘prepare the way’ for Jesus in people’s lives?