It was a Monday morning in early 2018, and as is our routine, Simon and I were due to meet together. Sipping hot tea in my office Simon first laid out what he felt God had been saying.

Ever since this surreal moment we’ve known the steady, faithful and unflappable hand of our heavenly Father. It has been our delight to walk with Him and others into this next stage at Jubilee.

January was the date for me to begin leading the staff team, the first stage in our transition of senior leadership. Whilst not much may seem to have changed outwardly, it feels like everything has shifted inwardly. Every conversation and every working moment now seems to have taken on a new dimension. It’s as if I was viewing in 2D and now there’s 3D on screen! – the same story being told, the same characters and the same wonderful church, yet in fuller picture and greater depth.

As a staff team we’ll continue to pray for every connect card or prayer request received, encourage each other with kingdom testimony, and study biblical concepts and teachings, like atonement and grace.

So here’s to the next chapter, and to it coming alive in 3D adventure!

Dan Baptist