We had a great first term at Little Stars from September to December.  In the history of Little Stars (nearly 3 years!),  we have never had a week go by when we have not had a new person.  Little Stars is well known in the town for being a friendly, welcoming, and fun place to go for parents, carers, grandparents, and childminders with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.  Much of this reputation is down to the wonderful team who make Little Stars what it is.  Last term we even made a record with 121 children in attendance in one morning!  We have had many chances to share the love of God with the parents/carers and even pray for some of them. Over the months we have seen Mums change from looking unhappy and lonely to becoming confident and happy as they get to know the team and others Mums in the room.  This is such a wonderful thing to witness and be part of.

At the end of last term, a few of our team stood down as other things in life needed to take priority.  We are missing them very much, not just for the role they played, but also for who they are.  We are looking for some new team members to join us on this exciting mission.  We have two very specific roles that need filling:
1)  Someone to come and prepare snacks for the morning.  This would involve buying the snacks (which you would be reimbursed for) and then preparing them in the kitchen at JCC.  It usually means arriving for 8.45am.  We would  be happy if this person wanted to come to just do the snacks, join us in praying for the morning and then leave at about 10 to carry on with their day.  Otherwise, they would be more than welcome to join the team during the morning.
2)  Someone to come and wash and dry the cups after snack time.  This would usually be from around 11am until 11.45am.  Again, we are happy for this person to just do this job, or if they wish to join the rest of the team for the morning, that would be fab.

If the same person wished to do both 1 & 2 that would be fine.  Of course we are always happy to welcome people who are happy to come and be on the team and the parents and children during the morning.  This involves arriving at 9am and helping with the last setup bits and pieces, prying as a team, and just being available during the morning to chat with the parents/carers/granparents and show them the love of God.

If you’ve been looking for a way to be missional, then Little Stars could be the place for you J

Please get in touch with Abi Cowley at abi@jcceg.co.uk, or at the church office on 01342 328334.