Acts 2.42 tells us that the early Church were devoted to the Apostles teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. We want to be the kind of church that prays continually, whether that be corporately, in small groups or personally.


At Jubilee Community Church we believe strongly in the power of prayer, we have seen first-hand the effect it has upon lives and how God uses it to bless both the prayed for and the people who pray. Our children and young people are no exception to this, we are aware of many young people who have been hugely impacted by answered prayers of the church.


We know that as a parent, daily prayer for children can be difficult at times and therefore we are excited to reintroduce our 0-18s Prayer Bookmarks to give families the opportunity to team with other church members in lifting their children up in prayer. Our letter, available from the church office, explains the project in more detail however in essence we suggest that parents, along with their children, create a prayer bookmark by adding a photo, name and prayer points, and then identify a member of the church family to ask if they would be happy to intercede on behalf of their child. We suggest that the family keep the intercessor updated, making new bookmarks where necessary.


In the past we have done similar projects and when discussing about reintroducing the idea one mother (of now grown up children) commented ‘as a mother it was, and still is, a great encouragement to know that my girls are being lifted up in prayer by such amazing prayer warriors; I really believe that their lives have been shaped by the prayers that these ladies offered up. I would encourage everyone to get involved in this project – it’s life changing!’


If you want any more information, a letter or to express your interest in praying for a young person please contact Kat Gunter ( Please note we will not be pairing up families and intercessors, by registering your interest in praying we will suggest you to parents who inquire but parents will be responsible for asking who they wish.