God is doing a new thing among our babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and off the back of that as a church we are re-launching Sparklers.

We passionately believe that babies and children can meet with Jesus and be affected by the Holy Spirit. They are never too young to hear from God, they just don’t express it in the same way as we do!

On a Sunday morning, we have two services and we seek to support the parents of those under 5 by offering their little ones time in their own group.  This ranges from about 6 months – 4 years. These children are an absolute delight and it’s a privilege and joy to be able to support all that is already going on at home in terms of bringing these little ones to the feet of Jesus.

I’m so excited to see what God is doing and will do in and through these little ones as we head into the next season. I believe that we can help them hear from God for themselves and for others. There are many stories about God meeting with under 5’s coming from other churches. It’s exciting to hear how we can all meet with and hear from God. Sparklers is anticipating our own exciting God stories to emerge from our 0-4’s at JCC.

Serving with these little ones will mean being part of a passionate and committed team, serving in both services – 1 week in 3, being around for set up from 8 and pack down after (much like other teams here at JCC such as Blaze, ignite, musicians and our welcome teams). We will set the room up to be as appealing as possible and then pray for the Holy Spirit to fill the room, and everyone in the room. I feel this is so important, especially for the little ones who struggle to settle, for them to feel completely safe and secure as they sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. There will be time for them to play, time to worship, time to hear an interactive bible story, time to pray with them, for them and then for us.

God is doing a new thing among our under 5s and I for one want to be around to see it, are you going to come along for the adventure? Please contact me at Abi@jcceg.co.uk if you have any questions or if you think you could get involved in our Sparklers Team.

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