Hi-de-hi, Campers (and house residents and day visitors!)

Just 6 weeks to go until Ashburnham!  178 of us will all gather with nearly 2,000 others to hear God’s vision for our family of churches, be challenged and encouraged in our own walk with God and experience community living for 4 days!  And the sun will shine!!

If you are thinking of joining us and haven’t booked yet, you only have until 17th Aug when booking closes and you will no longer be able to get tickets – even on the day there will be no tickets on the door because of safety and safeguarding requirements.  There’s plenty of room for campers on our pitch, there are a few twin rooms left in the house and no limits on day visitors.

If yScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 08.28.46ou’re still not sure, take a look at the blog from Dave Holden: 5 Top reasons to join us at Ashburnham



Most parents have registered their 0-18’s, but if you haven’t, even though you have booked, they will not be able to attend the kids/youth work.  Get it done soon!  We have put together Team Becky for the weekend to support the Tyler family and make it possible for them to join with us – there’s still room for more ‘pushers’ and ‘companions’ if this is something you would enjoy helping with.

No more stewards are required, but if you want to help with kids work and gain a free camping place, there is still a need for more volunteers.

Some day visitors have already teamed up with campers for mutual benefit:  milk and fresh produce brought in for campers, a base for the day and shared cooking for day visitors – it’s worth considering!

We will have a larger marquee for our church use this time with tables and chairs, so there will be plenty of opportunity to gather and eat together if you wish.  A freezer will be available for ice-packs.

Negotiations are under way to have a pop-up co-op shop on site, so watch this space.  Co-op will supply limited on-site produce for sale anyway, even if this is not possible, although it will be very limited.

If you don’t want to cook, meals can be pre-booked in the Orangery in the main building, or the usual vendor vans will be onsite – pizzas, burgers etc.

Most of you have given me details of who is in which tents and how big they are – this is really helpful for planning out the pitch.  If you haven’t done it yet, can I have the info as soon as possible, please!

There is an opening one afternoon for someone to run a crafts activity for the children at the event. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please put them in touch with Kevin at kevinrose@newgroundchurches.org

Wow!  Lots to take in!  I will communicate again nearer the time, but meantime, if you have any questions, email me crispayne52@gmail.com or catch me on a Sunday.


Looking forward to all God has for us this time!