Facebook have recently made some titanic changes to the algorithms that determine the priority of information you see, and even the adverts that are prioritised on your screen are impacted. The changes have been around this idea of ‘community’. Mark Zuckerberg has decided to move away from a corporate/sales identity to a social/community one. Interestingly this move has come at great cost to many in business as overnight they’ve seen engagement in their products drop by up to 75%.


I’ve always seen Sundays as a kind of ‘all hands to deck’ moment in church life. A bit like a family get together. If all the family are to enjoy the day then each person plays a part. Jubilee Community Church has flourished under the idea that we would be ‘Communitas’ – the Latin root for Community, equal and unified around an idea or thing – Jesus Christ. We even changed our name as a result!


Communitas relies on individuals committing to what is central, sometimes to the detriment of themselves, and their preferences! Therefore the question we ask when in community isn’t “what can these people do for me” but instead as modelled by Jesus, “what can I do for these people”. It’s this radical gospel turnaround of self that excites me most about serving at Jubilee.


So this summer, come and join in with the family community. It might be that there will be cost to ‘business’, but each member of the family will find purpose and equality as we serve one another.

Dan B