In recent months as winter has set in, I am sure that you too will have noticed the heart-breaking sight of people sleeping on our streets.
Homelessness is a complex and often hidden issue – rough sleeping is often the tip of the iceberg and a measure of last resort for many in our communities. Sadly, this last resort has become more and more prevalent with a 165% increase since 2010.
In their election manifesto, the Government committed to eliminate rough sleeping by the end of this parliament – potentially 2024 or 2025. This commitment is very welcome, and even more ambitious than their previous commitment to end rough sleeping by 2027.
But if we are to see this ambition realised then they must act and act swiftly. Ending rough sleeping by the end of this parliament is ambitious, but it can be done. The Government must supercharge their efforts now if we are to achieve this.
The Salvation Army stands ready to work with the Government to put into place a roadmap that will end rough sleeping and restore the life chances for those trapped in its cycle – there is no time to waste.
We want to mobilise the Church family to help make sure that this priority doesn’t fall off the Government’s priorities list. If Ministers get considerable representations from MPs, this will encourage them to focus on delivering on their policy commitment. MPs are always influenced by people such as you who live and work within their constituencies.
Contacting your MP will take just a couple of minutes and will make sure this really important issue stays on their lists of priorities.
Writing to an MP has never been easier. The Salvation Army now has access to technology that can help us amplify your voice; the platform goes straight to decision makers with less time to you or effort on your part looking for contact addresses etc.

What will have the greatest impact is if you are able to share, in your own words, why this is such an important issue for you and your community by putting in your personal thoughts/comments that get encapsulated in a more professional letter automatically being send to Miriam Davies (our new MP and Under Secretary for Employment) asking her to take action in Parliament over our local homeless issues, so please take ACTION now, you can help make a difference!

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