I suppose it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that God would send his angels amongst us, he did say he would! Plus we believe we’re hosting the very presence of God as his Church, so hosting angels is to be expected. Having said this, below is a testimony from someone coming to a mid-week class at Jubilee this month and encountering Gods presence. The testimony is written by one of our amazing duty managers, and has got us excited for what God is doing.

“Today, after one of our mid-week classes, a lady came to the desk and asked if I was a believer. She told me that she had just had an amazing encounter with God in the Thames Studio. During the last song (One Moment in Time) she felt the presence of God and that the room was full of a host of angels. She asked God what was happening, and he told her that at the end of the song and the end of the session, he wanted her to go to the front and share her experience with the rest of the group and to offer to pray for healing. She started to tremble but in obedience, when the song ended, she did as God had asked. Two people came forward, not for prayer, but to thank her and encourage her for being so brave.

As she was about to leave, she felt God prompt her to share this story with me. I told her that the staff team had prayed on Monday during Staff Time for hirers to come to know Jesus. We both agreed that this was no coincidence. She felt that God was going to do great things in this building and prayed for revival in 2020 in this place.”

Praise God,
Dan Baptist