Getting to grips with the bible Track

If you have sometimes wished that you understood a bit more about the Bible – its context, its authority and its big themes, then maybe this session is for you.

Dave, Ann, Rob and Joy will be exploring these questions to help you get more out of your personal bible study, covering the following topics:

1) The authority of scripture, why the specific books of the Bible are what they are, different translations, how to study the bible, introduction to hermeneutics.

2) Overview of the Old Testament, including chronology, major themes and key characters, types of literature.

3) Overview of the New Testament, including a brief look at the times between Old and New testaments, its timeline, major events and characters, and how it helps us to build authentic local churches.

4) Jesus in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation – we aim in this session to see how Jesus is participating, typed, prophesied, present and promised with a view to stirring one another in worship.

We are looking forward to exploring the bible in a fresh way to inspire you to get more out of you studies.