Through the month of May we are hosting a number of EQUIPPING tracks with the simple aim to equip the saints. We will be taking time out of our usual community groups to look more closely at some equipping topics. Below is the table of themes, hosts and evenings. We will have more details and sign up sheets from this Sunday 27th April.

Subject Hosts Day Spaces
Getting to grips with the Bible Rowsells & Chipperfields Thursday 25 max
Growing in Spiritual Gifts Laurence and Rochelle Evans Wednesday 25 max
Apologetics Simon Elliott Tuesday 25 max
Handling Healing Pete Benton & Lesley Cowley Tuesday 25 max
Marriage Bill and Judith Benton Wednesday 8
Marriage Pete and Sharon Hill Wednesday 8
Handling Money CAP Team Thursday (3 weeks) 25
Building a disciplined life Sam and Grace Okar Wednesday 14
Handling singleness Claire Beattie+ Wednesday 10
Primary parenting Dave and Barbs Gibbon Wednesday 10
Primary Parenting Sarah and Dave Jenkins Monday 8
Teenage Parenting Mike and Julia Levy Thursday 10
Teenage Parenting Kris and Kevin Defriend Thursday 10