Over the years we have hosted an intentional discipleship group for young men in the church who want to grow in God. This has been nicknamed IVAN! Why, I hear you ask? Come on Sunday and find out… The idea of IVAN is simple, to grow in God and cry out for revival. We will grow together by looking at the church vision ‘more like Jesus’ within a ‘culture Grace and context of Mission’. The primary way we will do this is by going after God in worship and Prayer, creating a hunger for God and revival.

Pete Benton will be hosting IVAN on the 4th Sunday of every month after football, from 8pm at Jubilee Community Centre. A rough evening structure will be to Worship & Pray, someone might share an authentic testimony, being real and raw but victorious in Christ. We will then host some teaching into; the kingdom of God and being a man of God.

Sun 27th April
Sun 25th May
Sun 22nd June
Sun 13th July (2nd Sunday due to Newday and summer)
Sun 31st August (5th Sunday due to Newday and summer)
Sun 28th September
Sun 26th October
Sun 23rd November
Sun 25th January
Sun 22nd February
Sun 22nd March