On the 4th April Glo Youth arrived at Carroty Wood, a Christian outdoor activity centre. Throwing our bags in our wooden lodges, we then gathered together for hotdogs and burgers made by the amazing catering team head up by Teresa Parkinson. Our first evening meeting kicked off with Pete Cowley and the youth band leading us in an incredible time of worship and Pete Benton talking on Jesus and the cross. We then played extreme wide games out in the woods, which were enjoyed thoroughly by all. Off to bed we went, the boys in one lodge and the girls in another, for a well deserved and needed sleep. The girl’s lodge got an unexpected fire alarm wake up at 2.30am, which meant they weren’t in the best of moods after not having enough ‘beauty sleep’.

However, after an energising breakfast, the youth were ready for the day! In the morning we had two different seminars, Jo Nightingale speaking on purity and Ricky Gunter speaking on calling, which were both awesome! After these, half of the group got ready for high ropes, an adventurous activity involving ropes and heights! The leaders were so proud of all of the youth as even ‘big man’ Tom Asterley couldn’t tackle the leap of faith! After lunch the second high ropes group proved that they were even more courageous as the first!

Stef Miles, who currently works with the School of Supernatural Ministry in Bedford, came to speak on the Saturday night on the Father heart of God. It was such a blessing to have him come and speak of his encounters with the Father heart and teaching us the opinion of God. Holy Spirit came in an incredible way through ministry time, meeting with everybody’s hearts, healing and restoring. The boys then made a bonfire and played wide games whilst the girls had a pajama party watching Tangled.

Andy Cross, a guest worship leader from Brighton blessed us with great worship on Sunday morning, which led on to our girls and boys seminars by Stef Miles and Kat Gunter. Everyone was talking about how great they were for the rest of the day!

For the last afternoon together, Matt Marriot organised the ‘Egglympics’. In other words, team Olympic games involving lots of eggs (that they had won in the previous two days). Mayhem! Would be one word to describe the afternoon. After everyone was covered in egg and/or mud, they were then ready for swimming and showers before the final meeting together by Matt Hoyes on Holy Spirit. Matt did a great job running us through Romans 8: 1-17, getting us excited about how free we are and how great Father, Son and Spirit are to us then and now!

The creative gifting’s on Kat Gunter and Heather Kauffman was shown greatly at the Glo Awards. They transformed the meeting room into an Oscar ballroom, fit with red carpet. We all dressed up in our best dress, had another beautifully cooked dinner, Glo Awards for youth and team and dancing. It was a great night to celebrate how amazing the Glo family is and to celebrate what a fun weekend we had had together.

The final morning we had a time of prayer and prophetic vision for Glo. What an incredible group of prayer worriers and gift of prophesy among the youth.. It was so exciting for team and youth to hear what God is doing and yet to do with Glo Youth. Be excited!!