The Living Forward Course – Run by Janine Boutelje

The Living Forward course began on 8 May, fully subscribed with a waiting list, which is amazing. The course is based on Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy. We’re looking at God given dreams, greatness in the Kingdom (Mark Berry’s message 14 May), leaving a legacy (Abi Cowley’s message on Mothering Sunday) and Simon’s word (21 May) including ‘what we do in life echoes in eternity’. We’re using a step by step approach to leading a life of meaning, significance and satisfaction. Over the 6 weeks we’re working through Acknowledging the Drift, Understanding the Mission, Appreciating the Benefits, Designing your Legacy, Determining your Priorities and Implementing your Plan. There is an extra week for designing a life plan covering faith, family & friends, field, finance, fitness & food and fun (a simple way to cover every area in life)

After the course my prayer is that lives are changed as we grow, and all participants live intentionally to make a difference using their God given gifts and abilities. I am excited and blessed to share this course with others.

Some feedback included:

This is just what I need
I absolutely loved the evening…I found myself quite spellbound and excited now for next week …enjoyed last night and feel really positive …thought provoking. ‘It’s never too late to bring order, structure and vision into one’s life.’

“You have been given a great gift – your life. What will you do with it?”
“Any dream God puts in your heart is worth pursuing.” Joyce Meyer