Message from Pete Benton:

Hello JCC!

We love you and miss you lots. For those of you who are new to JCC and don’t know who we are, we are part of the family. Having been members for many years and part of the leadership team at JCC, we have followed a call to church plant in Berlin, Germany. You can read more about the adventure here.

We are so thankful to God for his provision, generosity and loving kindness over our lives. We are almost a third of the way through our internship year with Redeemer International Church in The Hague, and are loving every moment. Initially we were nervous about spending a whole year somewhere that wasn’t Berlin. However, it has become obvious why the year was suggested and all the benefits behind it. God is so gracious and is blessing us so much.

Redeemer will be the closest New Ground church to us in Berlin and will play a key role in bringing support to the church plant. Chris Taylor and the Redeemer team are involved in three other church plants, into Delft a near by town, Maastricht in the Netherlands and Brussels in Belgium. This afternoon we are off to Brussels for our monthly ‘Planters’ get together. We’ve already managed to build good friendships with the church, staff and leadership team here in The Hague. We are learning about city life and enjoy cycling or getting the tram around. We are loving cross-cultural mission and sharing Jesus with internationals who live in The Hague. Sarah is doing a great job at serving on the Redeemer worship team, supporting, leading worship and training others. This week I started a football club in a local refugee camp, which was great fun and a very moving experience.

We enjoy coming back to the UK to see family, friends and to attend the New Ground Academy once a month. We’ll be visiting and preaching at Kings Church Kingston Sunday 14th May, and attending a New Ground conference in Edinburgh Saturday 20th May. We’re also looking forward to being with Hope Church Sevenoaks Sunday June 11th.

Don’t forget, if you want to stay even more up to date with what we are doing then you can subscribe via to our monthly emails, which shares a few prayer requests and a short video update. We’d also love to invite you to join us at our New Ground Berlin Prayer Day in Sidcup London, on Saturday 1st July.

We are looking forward to being with you again at JCC on Sunday 9th July at JCC.

God bless, Pete B