The Enabling Church course has started as part of the Summer Term of Equipping. This is a 5 week course designed by Churches for All to explore the facts, myths, theology and tricky questions that surround our attitudes and experiences of disability and church. This is a new departure for us here at JCC so we are a pioneering track!
So far we have been using the course guides and some really interesting and thought provoking videos to dig deep into what the bible says about disability in its widest sense – as one of the key points says ‘it’s more than a ramp and toilet!’
I think we have all felt challenged by some of the course content so far, which has been quite intense! We are now moving on to looking at our church here in East Grinstead and thinking about who is missing from our church family, and what we can do to take action and start transforming our communities to be truly welcoming and inclusive parts of God’s Kingdom.