At Jubilee Community Church, we seek to enable every person to be included in the life of the church and all the activities within it, regardless of their physical or learning ability or language.

In the 0-18’s team we have been looking to ensure that we offer all children the chance to join in with our Sunday ministries and all the other events that happen, particularly if they have additional needs. We want to ensure that the love of Jesus is shown to everyone!

We have developed an Inclusion policy and a process by which Ministry leaders can work with parents and carers and the children themselves to find practical ways of helping those that have additional needs, be it mobility difficulties, behaviour issues or limited understanding of English. As part of the 0-18’s coordinator role, Sarah Wallis (while Kat is on Maternity leave) will now be SENCO (special needs coordinator). We have piloted establishing Individual Inclusion plans that outline what a person needs, and how this can be achieved and ensures that all the leaders in their team are up to speed too.

If you feel that you would like to discuss any inclusion matters, please see your child’s ministry leader or Sarah Wallis (0-18’s coordinator)