At Jubilee Community Church we are clear on two things – the church is for everybody, and we want to serve the local community.

There is one section of our local community who are badly let down in the area around East Grinstead.  Imagine having to go home every time you need the toilet!

To use the toilet in safety and comfort, many people need to access a Changing Places toilet, which has more space and the right equipment, including a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist.  If these people go out for the day, they have to plan their trip around the availability of a Changing Places toilet, and if one is not available, they have to cut short or forego their plans.  There is only one Changing Places toilet in the whole of the High Weald area.  We would like to change that and make one available in East Grinstead.

Jubilee Community Centre is well placed as a site for such a toilet – we are central to the High Weald area and easily accessible.

We plan to change the baby-change room into a full wet room with the appropriate equipment so that visitors to JCC will not have to cut short their visit if they need the toilet.  The toilet will be also be available to anyone visiting East Grinstead or any of the attractions in the area (like Standen or the Bluebell Railway) to use if they need it.  Even a shopping trip becomes less stressful if people know there is a Changing Places toilet nearby that they can use.

Becky or Izzy should not have to go home early because they want the toilet – they should have the facilities that the rest of us take for granted.

People with complex needs who need carer support 24/7 often feel unvalued and excluded from ordinary activities.  Let’s show the love of God and show that He cares as much about them as their able bodied friends!

If you would like to be part of this amazing project, please donate here.

Please also share the project widely on social media and consider whether there is anyway you can help to make this Changing Places Toilet a reality!