Each year Glo youth takes around 40 young people to 2 youth weeks away and host various other youth events which are great fun, grow the young people in their walk with God and are often life-changing in terms of calling. These events cost money and we are aware that many young people are unable to come because of the costs. We would love these events to be accessible to everyone and to have the available funds to be able to welcome those who might not otherwise be able to come.

In light of this, at the end of the summer term Glo Youth will be hosting Glo’s Got Talent, an evening of entertainment for church family and friends in order to raise money for the youth group. This will also be a great opportunity to  celebrate the unbelievable talent that is hidden in our youth group. We have young people who we know are incredible at dancing, singing, comedy and spoken word but we may find that there are some sand sculptors or bottle blowers amongst us that we didn’t know about!!

Glo Youth will also be offering a promise auction, whereby the young people will volunteer themselves for a service (babysitting, lawn mowing, car cleaning, dog walking etc.) and bids will be made by guests throughout the evening, the highest bidder will win a promise token for that service and will arrange a time/venue when it can take place.

The evening will be held at Jubilee Community Centre on Sunday 20th July between 7pm and 9:30pm. We urge all church friends and family to come along to help raise money and celebrate the amazing God given talents. Tickets will be available from JCC from 20th June at the price of £5 (or £6 on the door).