Over the 6 weeks of summer from 27th July – 31st August, we are gathering the whole church together at one meeting on a Sunday morning. Meeting at 10am every Sunday, we will be hearing from some great members of Jubilee as they lead us through this inspirational letter. To accompany their preaching, we have put together a devotionals notes, which you can pick up from JCC for a £3 donation. Even if you are away during the summer you can keep in touch by working through the notes on a daily basis – and if you are not away, we hope these notes will help you get even more out of the series!

Paul’s letter to the Colossians follows a classic apostolic model. It begins with theology and moves on to practice. Proverbs tells us that as a man thinks, so he is (Prov 23:7). So often we focus on what we do, whereas a person’s foundation is what they believe: if we want to live right we must first believe right.

Paul’s concern in Colossians is that his readers understand who Christ is and who they are in Christ before they try to live for Christ. He wrote it during one of his spells in prison, probably at the same time as Ephesians (to which it has striking similarities) and Philemon (note the common reference to Onesimus), so Paul knows what it is to live out
one’s faith in every circumstance: Colossians seeks to equip the people of Colossae for an authentic Christian lifestyle in every situation.

Jesus was clear that wisdom is displayed by not only hearing the word, but by also applying the word (Matt 7:24-29). We hope that these notes help all of us to apply this letter to our lives as we all seek to become more like Jesus.

Please join us on this Summer adventure through Colossians.