Recently, Glo Youth went away for a week to the land known as the Isle of Wight. A coach full of hyper teenagers is always a load of fun. And what a load of fun the week was. The whole week included themed team challenges including team building on the first day where things got very muddy… it was a time to build human towers, catch eggs and for Holly to be blindfolded and fall down a hole in the ground. The second day of fun included Swimming Pool games, underwater humming is apparently a lot harder than I first thought about. Of course they were relay races and a lot of splashing around. Day three’s challenges were the famous Beach Olympics. Gymnastics, coming up with your national anthem and of course crab football. Day four the teams were shuffled and it was Youth vs Leader. Each team nominated someone who would drink a smoothie at the end of the challenge. If your team won, you got a nice thing, if your team lost, you would get a bad thing. It’s as simple as that. Team Youth nominated Jake DeFriend and Team Leader nominated Pete Benton. To say the least Team Leader had a lot of horrible things in the milkshake and after one sip Pete way almost sick. The kids laughed. In the evening of each night we hosted a chill out time including a Christmas Camp Fire, and a Craft Evening.

Every day there were two main sessions that included Worship, a talk and a time to respond. Blimey were they powerful. Diving into themes like Temptation, Identity, The Holy Spirit, The Church and looking into Freedom In Christ. Although there was a lot of fun, the time spent worshipping a living God and hearing from the living word was always a highlight.

It was amazing seeing the young people no matter what age hanging out as the Glo Family. The unity and love showed throughout the week was something really inspiring to see. If you are a part of JCC, you should feel very proud to have some incredible youth in the church.  In the next week there shall be a Glo Easter Trip review video, so keep an eye on that on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you couldn’t come to the Easter Trip we would love to have you come to Newday with Glo and join in with all the fun in August. You won’t want to miss out.