Day 9 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Ash Kauffman

Personally I feel that I have devoted myself to lots of things and sometimes tried to devote myself to lots of things all at the same time (does that mean I was not actually devoted to any of them at all?). Some of these things are good, like being devoted to my family and to work and even sometimes to God, others not such good things, like technology, social media and generally ‘busying my life’.

I have realised that in the season of life that I’m in there are lots of things fighting for my attention and wanting my devotion. However it is my choice what I am ‘devoted’ to.

In essence throughout these 40 days of devotion I have chosen to simplify my life and give more of my time and energy to my loving Father in heaven.

I have deleted social media apps from my phone which could claim so much of my time and energy without me even realising it. Instead I have downloaded apps like the Church of England’s #livelent, other devotionals, bible apps and Christian e-books so that when I would usually be on social media I can fill myself with the truth of Jesus and all that He has done for me instead.

This is a small step and by no means feels like a spiritual discipline but in this busy time of my life my prayer is that God can take this tiny offering and make something of it. ‘But now, O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand’ Isiah 64:8.

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