Day 10 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Sharon Hill

My mum kept telling me:

“The wise old owl sat in the oak, the more he heard the less he spoke the less he spoke the more he heard why can’t we be more like that wise old bird”

Sending time with my heavenly Father is easy – I chatter constantly, but the hearing bit isn’t so easy. It takes time and effort, so for me, I have created my God spot in a quiet space. It’s not the Holy of Holies, just a spot to put my note book and bible, and intentionally spend time with him and to listen. It has meant I moved furniture, and now I can listen and write what God says to me and I’m blown away by what he shows me.

I’m no wise old owl! 33 years of mistakes show that I’m not perfect, just forgiven. He has shown me that I have to be intentional in what he asks me to do. If I’m to pray for someone – do it, if I need to help someone – do it. I have seen some amazing things happen over the last few weeks because I’m starting to write it down and see the Fathers heart in action. WOW!!

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