Day 8 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Mike Levy

“Being busy is what I do and this is my busiest time of year. I love the hustle and bustle that work brings but it is exhausting and at the end of each day the last thing I want to do is anything that resembles engaging my brain!

The problem is that I also like my sleep as well so the thought of getting up early (unless I have to) is also alien to my inner man. It’s strange that I can get up at 0500 to drive anywhere on my patch but to get up at 0500 to pray doesn’t have the same pull or attraction. Being busy in my case is not necessarily a good thing! Being busy steals my time, my rest, my play, my relationships and ultimately my time with God. Around Christmas last year Simon introduced me to BIOY (the devotional bible in one year) by HTB/Nicky Gumbel. I have always had the NT or Bible on CD in the car but to be able to listen to my daily devotion is great if I don’t have time to read it. If like me you really struggle to regularly read then I can’t recommend audio bibles and devotions highly enough. Prayer and worship is also great whilst I am driving around – with eyes wide open of course!”

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