Day 7 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Toby Elliott

Speaking in the silence

Being a worship intern means that my life can be pretty noisy. There is often music or podcasts emanating from my headphones, I am regularly planning, practicing and leading of worship sessions. Add to this the daily conversations on topics from theology to football, and the sound of the radio and TV programmes which I enjoy in my downtime. There is a distinct lack of silence in my life!

God regularly speaks to me through worship music and conversation with others, however I felt challenged during these 40 days that it was important to intentionally create silence into which he could speak.

I no longer wear headphones when I walk anywhere. Instead I am excited to hear God’s voice on these journeys and I am looking out for opportunities to reflect Jesus to people! I’m also aiming to be more diligent with my morning devotional times, leaving space to sit in silence and expecting God to speak. I’m hoping to gain clarity on his plans for me, while I’m also eager to develop my prophetic gifting by acting on words I feel he gives me for others.

I don’t know the potential impact of these small acts of devotion, but I know that God desires to meet with me and I’m excited to hear what he has to say!

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