Day 29 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Erik Buren

One of the phrases recurring during these weeks is: “We are devoted to God, because He is devoted to us.”

If you search the Old Testament for the word “devoted”, you’ll find that there are different words in Hebrew that have been translated into “devoted”. One of these is “Charam”. This word can either mean: to destroy, or to devote. These meanings usually go together, and we read that God has told the Israelites that certain things are “devoted for destruction”. These were idols, or objects important to pagan religions. The Israelites are called to stay away from those things, because God has called His people to be Holy, for He is holy.

I wonder whether in my life there are things that I need to get rid of. Are there things that God may have “devoted for destruction”? I think these 40 days are a good time to have an honest look at my life and identify if there is anything that keeps me from being holy, as the Lord is holy.

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